IoT Revolution in India

“Everything that can be automated will be automated.” — Robert Cannon

According to Nasscom, The IoT market in India is poised to reach USD 15 billion by 2020, accounting for nearly 5 percent of the total global market. Smart lifestyle, connected homes and buildings, and embedded homes are emerging segments. Healthcare and manufacturing are the leading verticals demanding IoT solutions.

“If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The Internet of Things is about to change it all over again!” — Brendan O’Brien

Major IoT Segments In India:-

Smart Agriculture:-In a country like India where agriculture dominates in contributing national capital there IoT can prove to be a milestone by offering various aids like-automated monitoring of soil quality with respect to water, nutrients, salt content. Alarming the needs for spraying insecticides, pesticides, etc. Programmed irrigation techniques and much more.

Smart Buildings & Home Automation:-It is the largest sector in automation where each and everything we possibly think of can be automated. Maybe it's your everyday utilities like water level sensors in domestic house tanks or those used once in a while like smoke sensors that can call 101.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management:-Transportation of goods especially medicines, vaccines that need to be stored at a standardized condition are often found destroyed by the time they reach their destination it happens because of lack of any monitoring system that can keep a track of their changing vicinity conditions like temperature, humidity. By the aid of IoT, we can make such devices that can not only monitor changes but also alter them according to the optimum requirement.

Smart Cities:- Everyone dreams to live in a smart city where old traditional methodologies are replaced by modern methods but in today’s fast-growing world modern methods are not enough unless they are fostered with the latest technologies. India is a modern one but not smart enough to give tough competition to other countries in the world. It can be made smart by digitalizing everything possible like reserving an area for parking, use of alarm collaborated security cameras that can send alarms on recognizing an objectional activity, etc.

Smart Metering:-Such meters can help us monitor realtime usage of electricity which will enable us to pay the amount only for the used units of electricity, similarly we can use gas meters as well.

Smart streetlights:-We often come across non-working or flashing streetlights, highway lights that stay as it is until noticed by the authorities. The problem can be solved by placing sensors that can convey the signal in case of improper-functionality to the responsible authority.

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We create solutions for Smart Homes that will change the way we live.

“Smart Home has become the revolutionary ladder of success in residential spaces and it is predicted Smart homes will become as common as smartphones.”

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We will create solutions for Smart Homes that will change the way we live.

We will create solutions for Smart Homes that will change the way we live.